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Get up-to-date information on filing for your employee retention credits, calculate qualified wages for ERCs, stimulus checks, 941-X instructions, and ERC FAQs.

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How I Got All the Stimulus Money My Business Was Entitled To

This article features an interview with a business owner whose payroll company helped him get all the ERC, PPP loan stimulus money his business was entitled to.

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Top 20 Employee Retention Credit FAQs

Find out more about getting and increasing your employee retention tax credits, PPP loans, and filing amended 941-X forms from Baron Payroll’s top 20 ERC FAQs.

2020 AND 2021 ERCs Are Still Available!

Most business owners have no idea that they can still get tens of thousands of dollars in extra stimulus money from 2020 and 2021. Let Baron do this for you.


Step-by-Step How to Guide to Filing Your 941-X ERTC

This step-by-step guide is designed to help you understand and file your Employee Retention Tax Credit 941-X tax refund.

Do you Qualify for Employee Retention Credits in 2021?

The key to learning if your small business qualifies for Employee Retention Tax Credits in 2021 is comparing your quarterly gross receipts from 2019 to 2021.

6 Top Myths About Getting an ERC

Debunking these 6 top ERC myths will help you qualify for, and easily collect the Employee Retention Tax Credit money your small business deserves.

You May Be Eligible for More Free Stimulus Money and Not Know It

Employee Retention Credit or ERC. What is it and how to claim it? You may be eligible for more free stimulus money and not know it.

Get More Free Government Stimulus Money

Employee Retention Credit or ERC? What is it and how to claim it? You may be eligible for more free stimulus money from 2020 and 2021, and not know it.


Helpful IRS Employee Retention Credit Information Links

Here are some helpful ERC-related IRS website links recommended by Baron Payroll that can make your ERC journey easier, while also helping you save time and money.

Common Employee Retention Credit Terms and Definitions

ARPA—2021 (American Rescue Plan Act) Is a tax credit that refunds businesses 70% of qualified wages of up to $10,000 per quarter ($7,000 per employee, per quarter) with a 2021 maximum of $21,000.

CARES ACT—2020 (Corona Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) For employers who qualify, including borrowers who received a loan under the initial PPP (Payroll Protection Program), you can claim the credit against 50% of qualified wages paid, up to $10,000 per employee annually for wages paid between March 13 and December 31, 2020.

COA—2021 (Consolidated Appropriations Act) Employers who qualify, including PPP recipients, can claim this credit against 70% of qualified wages paid. Currently, the amount of wages that qualify for this credit is $10,000 per employee, per quarter for the first three quarters of 2021.

ERTC (Employee Retention Tax Credit), also referred to as an ERC. The ERTC is a refundable IRS payroll tax credit businesses can claim on qualified wages, including certain employee health insurance costs.

IIJA—2021 (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) Allows businesses classified as recovery startups to qualify for ERC stimulus help without having suffered a closure, or a gross receipts reduction. Additionally, recovery startup companies are eligible for an extra quarter of ERC credits (fourth quarter 2021).

PEO/CPEO for ERCs (Certified Professional Employer Organizations) are for businesses that have not filed an individual Form 941 on their own behalf. This allows an eligible employer to report their ERCs on their PEO/CPEO aggregate Form 941 and Schedule R.

PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Provides cash-flow assistance to small businesses through 100% federally guaranteed loans to employers who maintained their payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies may be eligible for two PPP loans – a first and second round.

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