Since 2003, Baron Payroll has simplified the work-life for New York business owners and relieved them from the burden of keeping up with the complex and constantly changing federal, state, and local labor laws.

Working with a local New York payroll company like Baron offers huge advantages. At Baron, you can expect easy communication and valuable expertise with all the New York state and local regulations. We'll save you time, eliminate surprises and keep you and your business protected.

At Baron, we know how to connect with other New Yorkers, and we won't waste your time. We know you, you'll get to know us, and that consistency of working with the same person helps you take care of things quickly. It also builds trust; You know who you'll hear when you pick up the phone. Instead of starting all over with each and every call, you're working with the same Baron rep. Our process is secure and simple.

It can be comforting to talk with another New Yorker. We're wired like you. We multitask, we're blunt, and we get right to the point so you have time to take care of everything else you need. If you're frustrated communicating with a larger payroll service, having an easy way to connect and knowing you'll get a quick response can be a godsend.

Baron's clients get serious support from local people they know and trust. At the same time, our partnership with UKG enables us to leverage the behemoth software company's reliability and deep technological expertise required in the HR and payroll space.

With easy communication, consistent people you can trust, and a thorough understanding of NY's state and local laws, the choice to go local is a no-brainer. You get the best of both worlds. Baron's state-of-the-art technology and its partnership with UKG will keep you up to speed. In addition, you get the security of working with a $3 billion worldwide leader while also getting the service and personal touch from a local New York support team.

You Are Going to
Love Baron


100% bg

told us switching to Baron was easy

98% bg

say working with Baron improved their compliance with the New York wage and hour laws

95% bg

find communicating with Baron is painless

99% bg

are likely to recommend Baron

92% bg

are small-to-medium-sized New York companies


Who We Are

These three core values demonstrate who Baron is and the value we provide to our clients.

Committed to Our
Client's Success

Whatever our clients' goals and objectives are, those are ours as well. We make every client feel as if they are the only one which is the foundation of the trusting relationships we develop. As a result, we create mutually beneficial relationships. Our clients rely on us to protect them, reduce their risks, and help them legally comply with laws and regulations.

Make It Easy
To Do Business

Our clients rely on us for expertise so that they can make informed decisions. We pride ourselves on providing a personal touch in every interaction, constantly learning about our clients, and anticipating their needs. We do not use phone trees or call centers as those are contrary to our core values.


We might not all share the same last name, but we are a family. We enjoy one another, support one another, and embrace the challenges that clients present to us. Just as we are committed to our client's success, we are committed to every team member and empower them with the tools, knowledge, and skills to support our clients without being constrained by bureaucracy.


Who We Aren't

  • We aren’t a big national company whose support team has no idea about the specific New York state and local laws.
  • We aren’t time-wasters, and you won't have to talk with new people on each and every call.
  • We aren’t trying to impress Wall Street investors with our profits and sales growth.
  • We aren’t going to force your company's unique needs to fit into a boilerplate solution.
  • We aren’t high-pressure salespeople with commission breath - selfishly focused on winning sales contests and maximizing commissions.
  • We aren’t a giant company that uses annoying phone trees and call centers.