Are You Worried About Buddy-Punching and Time Theft?
Are you concerned that your time and attendance system is not as accurate as it could be?
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With Baron, Your Time & Attendance Is Always Accurate!

You'll save time, reduce costly errors, and improve your legal compliance using Baron's single-system solution.

3 Easy Ways Your Employees Can Clock In/Out



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Companies Come to Us When…

Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're worried about wasting money by not tracking employee time.
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're angry because they think their employees are stealing time.
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're afraid they're overpaying employees for vacation and sick time because they don't have accurate records.
Baron_UKG_Shield They've had a run-in with the Department of Labor and learned the importance of having detailed employee timekeeping records.

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