Are You Worried About Buddy-Punching and Time Theft?
Are you concerned that your time and attendance system is not as accurate as it could be?


With Baron, Your Time and Attendance Is Always Accurate!

You'll save time, reduce costly errors, and improve your legal compliance using Baron's single-system solution.

3 Easy Ways Your Employees Can Clock In/Out



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Companies Come to Us When…

Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're worried about wasting money by not tracking employee time.
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're angry because they think their employees are stealing time.
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're afraid they're overpaying employees for vacation and sick time because they don't have accurate records.
Baron_UKG_Shield They've had a run-in with the Department of Labor and learned the importance of having detailed employee timekeeping records.

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