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In New York, in 2020 alone, there were over twenty new compliance laws. And this year, we are on track for more of the same. If you're like most New York business owners, it's impossible to keep up with all these changes on your own. Business is hard enough, but if you slip and miss one NY employment law, you're at risk.  

All it takes is one unhappy employee to contact the Department of Labor, and you and your business will suffer the consequences. You talk with other NY business owners. You've heard some horror stories. You know you're personally on the hook, and the DOL can come after your personal assets. The last thing you need is a full-blown DOL investigation or the risk of being sued by your employees.


Ready to Start and Improve Your Compliance?

Outsource your employee compliance to Baron and get a team of HR experts. All you need to do is to designate one person in your office to play "quarterback" and work with our HR experts. With more than twenty different functional areas within HR, there's a lot of room for mistakes. That's why a small investment in HR is more critical for NY business owners now than ever before.


Get Help Before It's Too Late

The real question is: Can you afford NOT to do things the right way? NY business owners are shocked to learn that it doesn't always have to cost more money for them to comply. Baron has successfully helped business owners reverse-engineer some of their NY pay practices to comply without increasing their payroll. If there's no extra expense to comply with the NY laws, why take the risk?


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Why Baron Payroll?


Baron will have your back if we're doing your payroll and timekeeping. We will give you a heads-up if we spot something that does not comply with the NY employment laws. We always say this - Baron is not the payroll police. We won't force you to change. Our job is to alert you, so you are aware. Then you make your own decisions.


Hire a team of HR experts starting at about $1,000 per year and get unlimited access to more than forty certified HR professionals with expertise in all HR practice areas to help your New York business stay protected.


Get the inside scoop from a company based in New York, like you. We live here, and we know why New York businesses are getting in trouble. Did you know there are two Departments of Labor (the Federal and State), and they will stop at nothing to stand up for your employees' rights? They look for violations in tracking hours, recordkeeping, and calculating pay. Their job is to ensure your employees receive all the legal rights that you should provide. The DOL is just itching to get your money, so let Baron help protect you, your family, and your business.


Hire HR experts to be proactive. Hire attorneys after the bad stuff happens, and you need help digging your way out. Pay a little bit now for preventive NY HR, or pay a lot later – you've heard that before, and it certainly applies here. 

Get better employee compliance with Baron starting at $1,000 per year. It's less costly than most insurance policies. So, be proactive and protect yourself, your family, and your company from the risk of a full-blown DOL investigation, typically resulting in large-scale fines, bankruptcy... or even worse!

What Our Customers Say

Baron’s customers say it best: They trust us to provide them the best service to fit their business. Check out our customer testimonials in the video.


These are words business owners use to describe HR. The bigger the word, the more often it was used.


Our Service

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The human resources services provided through Baron help align all of your employee compliance needs – payroll, timekeeping, HR – in one place, creating an easy, compliant system that helps your company succeed. Our human resources service will give your company access to everything you need in New York State.

Get a new, updated Employee Handbook every year to protect your business.

Access practical, live HR advice by phone, email, or chat at any time to get answers.

Utilize sexual harassment prevention training to make your workplace safe and compliant.

Correctly classify your employees as exempt vs. non-exempt to prevent legal issues.

Create compliance measures for remote workers beyond the pandemic.

Come up with a written sales commission agreement as required by New York State law.

Consult with us before terminating an employee, just in case, to stop any legal concerns.

Quickly comply with new federal and state laws so you can save time and money.