UKG Partnership

Working with a local payroll company like Baron offers huge advantages. At Baron, you can expect easy communication and valuable expertise on New York’s state and local regulations. We’ll save you time, eliminate nasty surprises, and keep you protected.

At the same time, our partnership with the Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) enables us to leverage the behemoth software company’s reliability, data security, fraud prevention, compliance, privacy, and deep technical expertise required in the HR and payroll space.

UKG is one of the world’s largest cloud companies – with over $3 billion in revenue. UKG will invest $40 million in R&D for the HR and Payroll product alone in 2021.

With more than 700 engineers working on enhancements to keep innovating the HR and payroll product, Baron’s clients can sleep easily at night knowing whatever regulations, changes, or obstacles are thrown their way, there’s $40 million, and a team of engineers ready to respond. In terms of technology, UGK is among the worldwide leaders, boasting award-winning HR and payroll solutions.

We live in New York just like you. Baron knows the New York State laws and what businesses here need to do here to comply. And with the backing of UKG, our clients get the same reliability, data security, fraud prevention, compliance, and privacy, for their personal data that the giant companies have. So you can trust Baron and UKG to protect you, your family, and your business.



Employee Records
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Invested in R&D
in 2021 Alone


Engineers Working on Software Enhancements


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