Are You Concerned About the Financial Risk of Non-Compliance?
Do you worry about being personally liable for most Department of Labor and IRS infractions?


With Baron's HR Consulting,
You'll Be Better Protected!

Outsource your employee compliance to Baron and get a team of HR experts that will minimize your financial risk.

Four Necessities to Protect Your Business



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"Being able to have someone you can reach out to, like a member of your team that you can always call and get good information from is critical for us..."

Companies Come to Us When…

Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're worried about protecting their business and want to improve their HR compliance. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're looking to invest under $2000 a year for HR compliance. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey've heard horror stories from their friends including all the stress, backpay, penalties, and fines they had to pay for not having good HR. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey wanted to get an updated employee handbook and didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. 

How Much Does It Cost to Become HR Compliant?

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