Even Years Later, Quickly Find All Your Essential Employee HR Records

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If you're like most NY business owners, you know how important it is to have complete employee HR records. But you have no time to focus on this critical aspect of your business. Incomplete employee records make you and your business vulnerable to penalties, fines, and lawsuits. 

So, how do you solve this problem and still maintain complete control of your business? Hire Baron to guide you through the complex maze of ever-changing New York State HR and payroll regulations. We will configure our HR technology for your company. It's efficient and easy to use. Bet you had no idea that you can hire Baron and affordably use the same technology larger companies use to comply with all the New York complexities.


Protect Your Business: Use the Cloud to Store Your Employee Data

It's challenging to retrieve your employee data from previous years when it's saved all over the office — inside file cabinets, in boxes, on spreadsheets, in emails. Trying to locate old documents will stress you out.  

Imagine, getting a letter from the Department of Labor, giving you only five days to produce a long list of employee documents from a terminated employee from five years ago. If you cannot provide all the records, DOL asks for in the short window of time they give you, your screwed. There are many DOL operating units in New York, and they are serious about catching you if you violate any employment laws. 

Baron's solution will set you free. Keep track of all employee compliance documents in the same place as their payroll and timekeeping records. When you organize all your mission-critical documents all in one place and store them on the cloud, they're easy to find. And never worry again about fire, theft, hurricane, or flood destroying your important employee documents. 


Use Electronic Signatures and Be Fully Compliant

It's time to put an end to paper employee records. Collecting, organizing, signing, and filing paper forms is a waste of time and money. Electronic signatures alone aren't a "get out of jail free" card, but it's nice not worrying you have unsigned forms with all the NY employee compliance regulations. 

Using our HR technology with electronic signatures, you can get documents to your employees in seconds and track their progress until completion. You have signed documents electronically before, probably multiple times, and know first-hand how efficient electronic signatures are. Why not use this same technology in your business for employee compliance and make getting signed documents fast, easy, and painless for everyone in your company?

Why Baron Payroll?


We live in New York just like you. We live in New York just like you. Baron knows the New York State employment laws and what businesses in NY need to do to comply. Join our long list of happy NY clients and tap into our knowledge and expertise to protect your business.


Get a complete turn-key solution for NY businesses. Baron will supply the technology, expertise, and process so you can get into compliance quickly with little or no disruption to your business. Hire Baron, and you can check this off your to-do list and mark it done.


New York business owners want to simplify their business life and eliminate nasty surprises. Baron checks both of these boxes by having great people who live in New York, just like you, and guides you through the complex maze of ever-changing New York State HR and payroll regulations.



Confidentiality is vital to every business owner - especially when storing payroll records and personal employee information. Rather than keeping these confidential records in boxes or cabinets at your office, store all your mission-critical employee information safely and securely using our HR technology. Only people you designate will have access to these records.

What Our Customers Say

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Our Software

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Baron's technology is rated best-in-class and hosted, secured, and updated by the Ultimate Kronos Group, a $3 billion global provider of cloud-based employee compliance solutions. Our solution is modular, so there is no need to pay for services that you are not using. You can deploy the technology you need today, knowing whatever extra horsepower you may require down the road will be there.

Access your data from any device, using any browser.

Your employees electronically sign all your employee compliance documents using their smartphones, tablets, or computer.

Keep track of New York sick time earned, taken, and carried forward to the following year.

Employees get their NY Employee Handbook paperlessly and electronically sign to acknowledge receipt.

Easily keep track of expirations for licenses or certifications your employees are required to maintain.

Onboard new employees electronically and set your company up for success right from the start.

Easily track and manage which benefit plans your employees are enrolled in.

Different levels of security give you control over what your employees can see and do in the system.