NY Employment Laws Are Complicated. Are You Sure Your Payroll Company Isn't Missing Anything?
Do you worry that your payroll company isn't focused on servicing your New York business?


With Baron's HR Consulting, You'll Get Valuable New York Expertise!

No one knows the NY intricacies like a New Yorker. We'll save you time, eliminate surprises, and help protect your business.

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"[Larry] understood the small business owner mindset. He was a small business owner... Please call Baron Payroll. Just call them up and all your worries will go away. "

Companies Come to Us When…

Baron_UKG_ShieldTheir current payroll provider is totally clueless about New York and doesn't know Astoria from Hicksville, or Poughkeepsie from Yonkers.
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're frustrated working with a company that uses annoying robot-directed phone trees to answer the phone and the robots cannot recognize your New York accent. Forget about it!
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey realize they are personally liable for wage and hour violations and want some extra, local protection. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey want to get correct answers quickly without wasting their precious time. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey want help keeping up with the ever-changing New York employment laws without getting surprised and caught off guard.

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