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How Much Do Payroll Companies Charge: Understanding the Details of Your Payroll Service Invoice

Sometimes your invoice can be hard to read. We're going to dive into what you’re paying for and what to do if you’re paying for services you don’t need.

Time & Attendance

Are Time and Attendance Systems Really Worth the Money?

You might be asking yourself, “Are time and attendance systems really worth the money?”. The answer is… yes! And by the end of this article, you'll know why.

Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance: One-time Cost vs Recurring Fee

If you're looking for an electronic time and attendance system, you might be wondering whether you should opt for a system with a one-time cost or one with a recurring fee. And you’re not alone!

Time & Attendance

What Do You Do When Your Biometric Time Clock Stops Working?

Your biometric time clock is critical to your business operations. But what if your clock stops working?

Time & Attendance

Are Biometric Time Clocks Worth the Money?

Are biometric time clocks worth the money? By the end of this article, you'll know the pros and cons so you can decide what's best for your business. 

Payroll, Why Choose Baron

Cost Per Transaction vs PEPM: What's Better for You and Your Business?

And by the end of this article, you'll know the pros and cons of cost per transaction and PEPM, so you can decide what’s best for you and your business. 

Time & Attendance

Remote Employee Time Tracking: Do You Need to Buy a Time Clock?

If you've been thinking about remote employee time tracking and whether or not you need to buy a time clock, you’re not alone. By the end of this article, you’ll know the answer!

Time & Attendance

What's the Average Cost for Cloud Based Time and Attendance?

Cloud based time and attendance systems can save you time and money. By the end of this article, you'll know why and how much it will cost!

Time & Attendance

How Much Do Biometric Time Clocks Cost?

How much do biometric time clocks cost? Read this short article to find out!


What's The Real Deadline to Apply for ERC?

After reading this article, you’ll know the precise deadline to apply for ERC.


Where to Mail 941 x?

Are you a business owner who’s wondering where to mail your 941 x? After reading this article, you’ll know the exact mailing address to use when filing.


How Much of YOUR Time Is Needed When Switching Payroll Companies?

Are you looking for a better payroll company? If so, you might be concerned how much of YOUR time is needed to switch payroll companies. 


How Much Does It Cost to Get an ITIN Number for Your Workers?

How much does it cost to get an ITIN number for your employees? And can you add them to your payroll? Read on to find out!

Why Choose Baron

Why Baron is Better With UKG

Get serious support from local people you know and trust. With UKG providing all the cloud-based infrastructure, your personal data is safe and secure.


Switching to Baron Payroll Will Be Easy For You

Congratulations on switching to Baron! The best part is that we'll do all the heavy lifting. Here's our easy 4 step process.


Buyers Guide: Baron Payroll - Who We Aren’t

Shopping around for a new payroll company can be confusing. Find out how we aren't like most companies.


Cost Comparison: Paying Your Workers Off-the-Books vs. On-the-Books

Off-the-Books vs. On-the Books, which is better? In this article, we’ll take an honest look at how much it costs the employer.


1099 vs W2 Employee - An Honest Cost Comparison for Business Owners

1099 vs W2 employee, which is better? In this article, we’ll take an honest look at the cost differences between paying employees as W-2 employees and 1099 independent contractors, and what it means for your business.


How Much Do Payroll Services Cost?

How much do payroll services cost? By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know!

Time & Attendance

Combo Face Reader and Finger Reader: How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

Find out how how the Combo Face Reader and Finger Reader can benefit your small business!

Time & Attendance

Buddy Punching: How Biometric Time Clocks Can Help

Find out how biometric time clocks can help small businesses combat employee time theft like buddy punching!

Time & Attendance

Fingerprint Time Clock: How Can It Benefit Your New York Business?

Find out what the fingerprint time clock is and how it can benefit your New York business.


Direct Deposit Scam: Prevent Thieves from Stealing Your Paychecks

There’s an important direct deposit scam you need to know about called direct deposit diversion fraud and it’s costing businesses their hard earned money.


How Do You Create Strong Passwords You’ll Remember?

You have the difficult job of coming up strong passwords. This can be a daunting task. But don’t worry! We've come up with six ways to help!


Your New 2023 SUI Rate Coming This Month

Find out about the new SUI Rate for 2023 and what that means for you.

Time & Attendance

The Biometric Time Clock: Everything You Need to Know (with examples)

Find out what the biometric time clock is, the different types, how much they cost, and why they're better than other methods like manual punch cards.

Human Resources

What is the IT-2104 Form for New York Employers?

Unsure what the IT-2104 form is? Don't worry, we've got you covered. This article will tell you why it's needed and how your employees should fill it out.

Human Resources

Payroll Taxes for Remote Employees: How Do You Stay Compliant?

Working remotely has created challenges for companies to stay compliant with payroll taxes for remote employees. Follow this checklist to stay compliant!


Why are my W2 Wages Lower Than my Salary?

So, you've gotten your tax paperwork, and you've noticed that your W2 wages are lower than your yearly salary. Find out why!


Can I Hire Someone with an ITIN Number?

Wondering, can I hire someone with an ITIN Number? Learn how to include ITIN workers on payroll even though most payroll companies won't let you.

Why Choose Baron

What are the Benefits of Using a Local Payroll Company?

When it comes to payroll, don't underestimate the importance of working with a local payroll company. Here are three benefits you probably didn't know!

Time & Attendance

Facial Recognition Time Clock: What are the Benefits and Features?

A biometric time clock like the facial recognition time clock provides a touchless way to clock in/out. But its benefits extend beyond germless surfaces.


Payroll Tax Expense Is Going to Skyrocket Again in the New Year: Business Owners Beware

As a business owner, you’re probably predicting January’s payroll tax expense to be the same as December’s. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Comparison: Simple IRA Vs 401k – Which Is Better For Me And My Small Business?

Wondering which retirement plan is best for your small business? Here's a detailed comparison of Simple IRA vs 401k.

Why Choose Baron

Who are the best payroll companies in New York? (Reviews/Ratings)

With so many choices, how do you know who are the best payroll companies in New York?


Can you Hire Someone without a Social Security Number?

Can you hire someone without a Social Security Number? Most payroll providers won't allow you to. But Baron can and will!

Human Resources

The NYS Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus (HWB) Program

Frontline healthcare and mental hygiene workers are eligible for a new bonus program to help compensate them financially for their efforts during Covid.

Human Resources

5 Red Flags to Spot a Bad Email

Scams are more sophisticated than ever, and small business owners are susceptible. Learn how to spot them before they become a bigger problem.

Why Choose Baron

Crawl Walk Run, Baron’s Step-by-Step Implementation Strategy Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Baron Payroll designed the crawl walk run implementation strategy to make switching payroll companies painless. Read on to learn how it works.

Human Resources

The 411 on the Spread of Hours Pay Rule in New York

The spread of hours pay rule in New York is unique to the area. Learn the ins and outs here in a New York minute.

Business Owners, Here’s How to Survive a Recession in 2022

Things are tough. It rains on the just and the unjust alike. The savvy though, bring umbrellas. Read on for tricks on how to survive a recession in 2022.

Human Resources

How to Set Employee Expectations for Remote Workers

For your company to transition to the future, it is vital you know how to set employee expectations for remote work.

Human Resources

Are You Prepared to Pay the NY UI Mandatory New York State IAS 2022 Interest Assessment Surcharge?

The NY UI IAS 2022 (Interest Assessment Surcharge) is due for New York State business owners. Read this to make sure you’re compliant.

Human Resources

How to Handle Employees with Jury Duty, Voter Leave, and Military Leave in NYC

Not sure how to handle employees with jury duty, voter leave, and/or military leave in NYC? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.

Employee Benefits

Get Your Employees $255 Payday Loans Online Same Day with Baron Payroll’s New Service, ZayZoon the Instant Cash API

Disruptaphobes beware, there’s a new kid on the block, and they are taking the instant cash advance industry by storm with $255 payday loans online same day.

Payroll, Human Resources

Step-by-Step Guide to filling out the New York IT-2104 Form

Onboarding employees and having trouble telling an IT-2104 from a W4, or frankly, a hole in the ground? Let us take you through the process step by step.

Employee Retention Credit

How to Check my IRS ERC Refund Status

Find out when you will finally get your ERC refund check, and how to check your IRS ERC refund status while you wait.


The Pros and Cons of Paying Employees with Payroll Paycards

Essentially a debit card, payroll paycards help employers pay workers who are unable to get a bank account. Like anything else, paycards have pros and cons.


Words of Wisdom from Payroll Manager Christine Campanella

Payroll Manager Christine Campanella shares her knowledge on payroll service portals, payroll taxes, labor law compliance, customer service, and more.


Why Employee Printback Checks are Good for Your Business

The ability to print checks on-demand with Printback checks can help your business avoid missing payroll while also saving time and money.

Human Resources

What is the New York City Salary Range Transparency Law?

The NYC Salary Range Transparency Law Intro 134 mandates that jobs paid an hourly wage, or an annual salary must disclose the minimum and maximum paid salary.

Human Resources

New York Ends COVID-19 HERO Act Workplace Enforcement

On March 17, 2022, N.Y. ended the COVID-19 HERO Act requiring private-sector employers to implement workplace measures designed to combat airborne transmission.


Why Should Payroll Companies Provide Payroll in Spanish?

By offering multilingual employee self-service portals in Spanish and other languages, payroll companies can help businesses recruit Spanish-speaking workers.

Payroll, Human Resources

Do I Have to Pay Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax?

The MCTMT applies to your business if you’re withholding New York State income tax from wages and your payroll expenses exceed $312,500 in any quarter.

Human Resources

Is Your Business Reporting New Hires in New York State?

Failing to report new hires, including 1099 contractors in New York State within 20 calendar days could cost your business thousands of dollars in penalties.

Human Resources

How to Fill out the New York State Labor Law Form LS 54

Learn what your business must do to stay compliant with New York State Notice of Pay Rate Labor Laws, and how to fill out forms LS 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, and 59.

Why Choose Baron

Was Your Local Payroll Company Sold to a National Company?

Few things are as disruptive to your business as when your local payroll company is sold to a national company, and you go from being a person to just a number.


How New York State Labor Laws Section 191 Affects Weekly Pay

New York State labor laws require employers to pay their workers on a regular weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. It all depends on the type of work performed by your employee.

Human Resources, Employee Benefits

How Will the New York State Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program Impact Your Business?

New York State Governor Hochul signs legislation requiring employees to be automatically signed up for the New York State Secure Choice Savings Program.

Why Choose Baron

How to Choose the Best Payroll Company for Your Small Business

Choosing the best payroll company for your small business is a very important decision. HR and business payroll outsourcing is important.

Employee Retention Credit

Do Owner’s Wages Qualify for Employee Retention Credits?

Thanks to new IRS guidance, your small business owner wages may now qualify for receiving employee retention tax credit money.

Employee Retention Credit

Step-by-Step How to Guide to Filing Your 941-X ERTC

This step-by-step how to guide is designed to help you understand and file your Employee Retention Tax Credit 941-X payroll tax refund.

Employee Retention Credit

Welcome to Baron Payroll’s ERC Resource Center

Updated information on how to get your employee retention tax credit, calculate qualified wages for ERCs, get stimulus checks, 941-X instructions, and ERC FAQs

Employee Retention Credit

Helpful IRS Employee Retention Credit Information Links

Here are some helpful ERC-related IRS website links recommended by Baron Payroll that can make your ERC journey easier, while also helping you save money.

Employee Retention Credit

How I Got All the Stimulus Money My Business Was Entitled To

An interview with a business owner whose payroll company helped him get all the ERC and PPP loan stimulus money his small business was entitled to.

Employee Retention Credit

Do you Qualify for Employee Retention Credits in 2021?

The key to learning if you qualify for Employee Retention Tax Credits in 2021 is comparing your quarterly gross receipts from 2019 to 2021.

Employee Retention Credit

Let Baron Be Your Personal ERC Accounts Receivable Department

Outsourcing your Employee Retention Tax Credit business needs to Baron Payroll will lead to an easier, faster, streamlined, and less stressful ERC process.

Employee Retention Credit

Top 20 Employee Retention Credit FAQs

Find out more about getting and increasing your employee retention tax credits, PPP loans, and filing amended 941X forms from Baron Payroll’s top 20 ERC FAQs.

Employee Retention Credit

6 Top Myths About Getting an ERC

Debunking these 6 top ERC myths will help you qualify for, and easily collect the Employee Retention Tax Credit money your small business deserves.

Why Choose Baron, Cost and Pricing

Is Your PEO Actually Saving You Any Money? Hidden Fees and Costs Add Up

You joined a PEO to save some money. After a few years, you may be surprised to learn your savings have eroded. Leaving the PEO might be the right choice.

Baron Has a New Website, and It's Tailored Toward Helping New York Business Owners

Get free access to New York's most focused HR & Payroll Learning Center. Watch videos, read blogs, learn and stay up-to-date with all the regulations.

Why Choose Baron

Top Five Reasons NY Business Owners Switch Payroll Companies

Especially in New York, HR and payroll are more complicated now than ever before, and every year it becomes even more challenging.

Cost and Pricing

How Much Payroll Services Cost in 2022 for New York Businesses

For New York businesses trying to make decisions about payroll services options, learn about the different pricing models, costs, and benefits for your company.

Human Resources

This Task Should Be #1 on Every New York Business Owner's To-Do List

Especially in New York, you should update your handbook every year with all the new employment laws and changes.

Why Choose Baron

Baron vs. ADP: Why New Yorkers Are  Switching to Baron In Droves

Baron vs. ADP: Why New Yorkers Are Switching to Baron In Droves

Human Resources

Most NY Business Owners Have No Idea You Must Give Employees Paid Sick Time

Most NY Business Owners Have No Idea You Must Give Employees Paid Sick Time. What are the rules?

Human Resources

Getting This Wage & Hour Regulation Wrong Can Wreak Havoc on Your Business

You must classify your employees correctly as exempt or non-exempt from overtime. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as deciding to make them hourly or salaried.

Why Choose Baron

Hear From Other New Yorkers Why They Switched to Baron Payroll

In New York, HR & Payroll is more complicated now than ever before. Hear from other NY buisness owners why they switched to Baron.

Employee Retention Credit

You May Be Eligible for More Free Stimulus Money and Not Know It

Employee Retention Credit or ERC. What is it and how to claim it? You may be eligible for more free stimulus money and not know it.

Why Choose Baron

Considering a Professional Employer Organization? Here's What You Need to Know

PEOs offer enticing packages for small businesses, but joining one carries some major drawbacks that you may not be aware of.

Human Resources

An Employee Handbook is Critical to Your NY Business. Here's Why You Need One

An Employee Handbook is Critical to Your New York Business. Here's Why You Need One

Human Resources

New York State Now Requires Paid Sick Leave. Is My Business Complying With This Law?

A new law took effect that requires most New York companies to provide paid sick leave to employees. Let Baron help you comply in a way that saves you money.

Time & Attendance, Human Resources

Did You Know Your Employees Can Report Violations Using a Free App Provided By the Department of Labor ("DOL")?

Even if you're operating your business in all the right ways, New York business owners are still at risk. The DOL has vast resources to investigate you.

Payroll, Human Resources

How to Safeguard Your Business Against Scammers Who Want to Steal Your Employees' Direct Deposits

Don't fall prey to a direct deposit diversion scam. Learn about the mistakes other New York businesses made and implement these best practices now.

Payroll, Time & Attendance

Do I Have to Pay My Employees Overtime? Here’s What New York State Law Says

Keep these New York laws in mind when classifying an employee as exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay. Getting this wrong can be costly for your business.

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