Do You Struggle Finding Your Employee HR Data?
Are you worried that poor recordkeeping makes you and your business vulnerable to penalties, fines, and lawsuits?


With Baron's HR Technology, You'll Have All Your Employee Data At Your Fingertips!

You'll save time, reduce costly errors, and improve your legal compliance using Baron's single-system solution.


4 Features You Will Benefit From Immediately



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"Being a small business owner in New York is very confusing at times. Navigating the ever-changing rules and laws and HR issues and it's great to have a resource where we're getting an email or a phone call  if there's a new tax law..."

Companies Come to Us When…

Baron_UKG_ShieldThey're disorganized and struggle to find all their essential employee HR records. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey want to transition from paper HR records to paperless. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey don't want to worry about fire, theft, hurricane, or flood destroying their important employee documents. 
Baron_UKG_ShieldThey want to use HR technology with electronic signatures to improve compliance and make getting signed documents fast, easy, and painless. 

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