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The NYS Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus (HWB) Program

Frontline healthcare and mental hygiene workers are eligible for a new bonus program to help compens...

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5 Red Flags to Spot a Bad Email

Scams are more sophisticated than ever, and small business owners are susceptible. Learn how to spot...

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Why Baron is Better

Larry’s Timekeeping Story

No one spins a tale better than Larry, this one is about a client who needed timekeeping.

Why Baron is Better

The Questions 80% of Baron Clients Ask

Get to know Baron as we answer our most commonly asked questions.

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NY Employment Law eBook

Not sure if you are up on all the NY employment laws? We've made it easy for you to browse the up-to...

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Data Mine Your HR Records: A Scientific Approach to Increasing Productivity

Today’s message is for business owners who have limited experience with data analysis, use manual ti...

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Case Study: Staffing Agency

Today’s post describes a business that, by its very nature, demands a robust Workforce Management sy...

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2022 Megatrends in HR

2022 Megatrends in HR

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The Top 5 DOL Audit Areas Revealed

Protect yourself, your family and your company from the risk of a full-blown DOL investigation, typi...