Do You Have Employees Asking for Payday Advances?
Use ZayZoon's Money and Offer Your Workers Instant Access to Their Earned Wages, Right Through Payroll.



Wages On-Demand

Especially in New York, your employees have more month than money. We are living through times of unprecedented inflation, and sometimes your employees cannot wait until payday to get paid. So join the thousands of other businesses using ZayZoon and offer your workers access to their earned wages ahead of payday without the crazy loan-shark-type fees.

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With Baron and ZayZoon, You Don't Have to Lend Your Workers Money for an Emergency

Baron and ZayZoon teamed up, so you don't have to lend your employee's money for an emergency before payday – ZayZoon will be the lender. In the past, payday loans were at loan-shark-type interest rates. However, our solution has zero percent interest rates – just a small flat $5 fee for your employees to get their hands on emergency money – and only if they need it.


With ZayZoon, Every Day Can Be Payday

  • No Cost or Effort on Your Part. Baron and ZayZoon handle everything - you don't lift a finger.
  • Zero Risk Lending. You have no financial risk. ZayZoon absorbs all the lending risk to your employees.
  • Zero Percent Interest Rates. This is NOT a payday loan, and your employees pay NO interest.
  • Your Employees Pay Only a $5 Fixed Fee for a Payday Advance. The daily limit is 50% of your employee's earnings, with a maximum of $200 per day.
  • No Contracts. No Strings Attached. Your workers use it only when they need it.

Payroll Integrated

Baron handles all the heavy lifting. ZayZoon integrates with our existing UKG platform so you don't lift a finger. Our system offers your employees secure access to wages.

ZayZoon Funded

ZayZoon funds all early wage requests. There is no lending risk to you, the employer. Your employee's payday advance is automatically repaid from your employee's next paycheck.

21 Minute Activation

ZayZoon integrated itself with many payroll platforms, including ours at Baron. We made sure and got the fastest, easiest wage on-demand solutions because our clients deserve only the best. 


ZayZoon is completely free for you, the employer. Be the boss everyone loves and provide this emergency financial solution to your team.

Wages On-Demand FAQs

  • Is this a high-interest-rate, loan-shark type payday loan?

    No. This is not a loan – there is no interest. ZayZoon simply gives your employees access to wages they have already earned ahead of payday.

  • When an employee gets a payday advance, whose money are they getting? Is it our company's money or ZayZoon's money?

    ZayZoon covers all the costs and risks of lending. It's their money. Yours is safe and sound, as it should be.

  • How do employees repay their payday advances?

    This is done automatically through the app and payroll platform. It will be deducted from your employee's next paycheck.

  • Should our employees download the ZayZoon app now and be ready if they need an emergency payday advance?  

    Yes, it's always best to be prepared before bad things happen. The worst time to look for a cardiologist is when you have a heart attack. The same is true for a payday advance. Please do yourself a favor, and get set up now, so it's there when you need it.

  • What if an employee needs more money than the $200 maximum?

    You can get up to $200 a day! So just keep requesting a new advance every day.

  • Is there any way employees can get a payday advance without paying the $5 flat fee?

    Yes, as a matter of fact, there is. For 2022, your first advance is free, compliments of Baron. After that, you can use the ZayZoon prepaid card and get your advances for free!

  • How much work/bookkeeping/involvement do employers have for our workers to get a payday advance?

    That is the beauty of ZayZoon. Employers aren't involved. Baron and ZayZoon do all the heavy lifting at no cost or effort to you. You can't beat that!

  • Can our company use ZayZoon for payday advances if we don't offer employee direct deposit?

    No, employers must use direct deposit. ZayZoon's API requires direct deposit. Thankfully Baron can help you set up direct deposit in a New York minute.