Sales Executive

Bill Elkins

Phone: 631-266-2500

Listening is Bill's best skill. Every business is different, has different goals, and needs a slightly different solution. Business owners trust Bill to find the best solution for them.

Bill Elkins can often be heard asking business owners – "If there were a better, more efficient, and cost-effective way to handle payroll, compliance, and HR, would you want to hear about it?" Simplifying the business owners' work-life and eliminating ugly surprises is Bill's mission.

Bill can easily step into business owners ' shoes because of his previous work life as an owner himself.  Knowing that every client has unique needs, Bill's approach is "working together, we'll find the right solution to achieve your goals and fit your budget."

Bill, also known as the "family man," can be found walking his pack of four dogs, bike-riding, camping, and kayaking on the Long Island Sound with his wife and family. Exercise keeps Bill in shape for running all over New York to help companies grow and succeed. In addition, Bill's son just became a commercial airline pilot, enabling Bill to easily fly the friendly skies and further expand his client base.