President & CEO

Larry Kagan

Phone: 631-266-2500

HR and payroll are more complicated now than ever before. As a result, New York business owners will often hear Larry saying: "We are not the payroll police. However, it is our job to notify you about the ever-changing New York regulations. This way, there are no surprises, and you can make informed decisions."

Larry Kagan is also the founder of Baron Payroll, whose humble beginnings started just after 9/11 in Larry's basement. Right from the start, Larry's vision was to help New York business owners outsource the back-office functions they did not want to do – HR, payroll, and employee compliance.

In 1980, Larry graduated at the top of his class from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). After graduating from college, Larry began working for Automatic Data Processing ("ADP") on Long Island as a Small Payroll Specialist. In his first year, Larry was the top salesperson and sold the most new payrolls nationwide. Larry's success led to a long, seven-year sales career at ADP in their New York City and Long Island offices. While working for ADP, Larry attended Business School at New York University in the evenings, and after four years, earned his Master's in Business Administration (MBA) in 1987.

One of the stories Larry loves sharing is how he got started in the payroll business. In 1980, after graduating from Emory University, Larry returned to Long Island and answered a Newsday help wanted ad, which asked: "Do You Want to Earn $50,000 Selling Computer Technology?" Larry called, and it was an employment agency, and after meeting with Larry, they sent him on the interview with ADT, the burglar alarm company. After thoroughly researching and learning everything he could about ADT, Larry drove to the interview, and while walking up to the building entrance, noticed the sign that said ADP, not ADT.

"I knew nothing about ADP and wasn't at all prepared for this interview, Larry said to himself. After checking in with the receptionist at this huge ADP office in Melville, she brought Larry into the cafeteria with seating for over 200 people. She told him to make himself comfortable, and the interviewer will come in and find him. At that moment, Larry knew he could either sit at an empty table all by himself or join a group of employees at another table and talk with them to find out what they did at ADP and try to learn about the company's history, culture, and growth plans.

Apparently, the interviewer came into the cafeteria and looked around and could not spot Larry, so he went back out and got the receptionist, who walked up to the table Larry was at with four ADP employees, and pointed right at Larry and said, "that's him." Surprised, the interviewer immediately asked Larry if he knew these people, and Larry said no, I just met them. It was at that moment, Larry knew he got the job. More than 35 years later, Larry still says he chose to sit at the table with others out of necessity to learn about ADP for his interview, but all who know Larry say he is an engaging, strategic leader with very high standards.

Larry is very happily married to his wife Ellen for over 35 years, with three beautiful daughters, two sons-in-law, and grandkids. Larry, a long-time resident of East Northport, enjoys hanging in his backyard smoking meats and playing with his five dogs. In addition, Larry enjoys many hobbies, including travel, photography, videography, shooting, magic, animals, and cooking.