Baron vs. ADP: Why New Yorkers Are  Switching to Baron In Droves

Baron VS ADP: Why people are switching to Baron

Working with a local payroll company like Baron offers huge advantages. At Baron, you can expect easy communication and valuable expertise on New York state and local regulations. We’ll save you time, eliminate surprises and keep you protected. 

By Larry Kagan, Founder & CEO, Baron Payroll

When it comes to deciding on a payroll company, you may be asking what’s better for you and your company: a well-known national company or a smaller local business? Of course, you could be more familiar with the names of larger companies, like ADP. But a company that has been scaled that much loses its personal touch. 

At Baron, we know how to connect with other New Yorkers. We have the same communication style, and we know everything you need to know to run a business here. 

Rely on other New Yorkers you know and trust

If you’re working with a company as big as ADP, you could be lucky even just to get another human on the other end of the call. You could be waiting for hours. And even then, it’s not local support. 

A robot-directed phone tree can be frustrating for anyone and even harder with a strong New York accent. With Baron, you won’t waste your time. We know you, you’ll get to know us, and that consistency of working with the same person helps you take care of things quickly. It also builds trust; You know who you’ll hear when you pick up the phone. Instead of starting all over with each and every call, you’re working with the same Baron rep. Our process is secure and simple. 

It can be comforting to talk with another New Yorker. We’re wired like you. We multitask, we’re blunt, and we get right to the point so that you can take care of everything else you need. If you’re frustrated communicating with a larger payroll service, having an easy way to connect and knowing you’ll get a quick response can be a godsend. 

Other places like ADP can have hours-long wait times. Then, you may need to transfer to another department and wait again. It’s virtually impossible to speak with the same person twice. At Baron, we want you to get the correct answers quickly, and we’re not going to waste your time. In most cases, we can resolve things on the same day, and we guarantee to get back to you in one business day. 

No one knows the NY intricacies like a New Yorker

A massive national payroll company like ADP could be very well-versed in federal laws. But what if state law or local law is different? You must follow the strongest law, and that’s why Baron can protect you. Take minimum wage, for example. Many states have just one minimum wage, but NY has multiple depending upon your location, industry, and company size. The New York State minimum wage is also much higher than the federal minimum wage. So which rate do you use? You don’t want to rely on just guessing; Getting this wrong can land you in jail. 

It can be impossible for national companies to keep up with all 50 states and all 11,000 state and local jurisdictions. Baron knows the state and local rules that New Yorkers must abide by. And we know that those regulations are constantly changing. Just last year alone, there were more than 20 new state and local regulations. Part of our role is to keep up with those for you so that you’re never surprised and caught off guard. It’s our job to notify you. We consider ourselves your partner and help you navigate this complex system. 

With easy communication, consistent people you can trust, and a thorough understanding of NY’s state and local laws, the choice to go local is a no-brainer. You get the best of both worlds. Baron’s state-of-the-art technology and its partnership with UKG will keep you up to speed. In addition, you get the security of working with a $3 billion worldwide leader while also getting the service and personal touch from a local New York support team. 

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