Easy Communication

  • It can be comforting to talk with another New Yorker. We're wired like you. We multitask, we're blunt, and we get right to the point so that you can quickly move on to everything else you need to accomplish in your day.
  • If you're frustrated communicating with larger companies, having an easy way to connect and knowing you'll get a quick response can be a godsend.
  • At Baron, we want you to get the correct answers quickly, and we're not going to waste your time. In most cases, we can resolve things on the same day, and we guarantee to get back to you in one business day.
  • If you're working with a company as big as ADP, you could be lucky even just to get another human on the other end of the call. You could be waiting for hours. Then, you may need to transfer to another department and wait again. It's virtually impossible to speak with the same person twice.
  • We aren't a giant company that uses annoying phone trees and call centers. A robot-directed phone tree can be frustrating for anyone and even harder with our strong New York accent.
  • Our team at Baron may not all share the same last name, but we are a family. We enjoy one another, support one another, and embrace the challenges that clients present to us. Just as we are committed to our client's success, we are committed to every team member and empower them with the tools, knowledge, and skills to support our clients without being constrained by bureaucracy.
Easy Communication

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