New York

  • While national companies like ADP and Paychex have a strong understanding of the federal wage and hour laws, they may not be well-versed with the state and local guidelines. With over 11,000 different state and local jurisdictions, it's impossible for them to cover all that ground.
  • New York has some of the most complicated regulations in the US. At Baron, we're on top of all of them. You need to follow the strongest law in favor of the employee, and only following the federal guidelines can get you and your business into big financial trouble. Baron knows the New York laws, and we'll make sure you're protected.
  • Most owners don't realize that there are multiple sets of wage and hour laws – one for federal and one for each state. Additionally, most New York business owners have no clue that they are personally liable for wage and hour violations. Working with a local New York company, like Baron, will protect you, your family, and your business.
  • We aren't a big national company whose support team has no idea about the specific New York state and local laws. Take minimum wage in NY, for example. Many states have just one minimum wage, but NY has multiple minimum wage rates depending upon your location, industry, and company size. You need New York expertise because getting this wrong and paying employees below minimum wage can land you in jail.
  • No one knows the NY intricacies like a New Yorker. So at Baron, you can expect valuable expertise on all the New York state and local regulations from other New Yorkers you know and trust. We'll save you time, eliminate surprises and keep you and your business protected.
  • Just last year alone in New York, there were more than 20 new state and local employment regulations. Part of our role is to keep up with these ever-changing employment laws for you so that you're never surprised and caught off guard. We believe it's our job to notify you.
  • New York HR and Payroll are more complicated now than ever before, and every year it becomes even more challenging. New York business owners are investing 25% more in HR compliance because they are worried about all the new regulations, enforcement activities, personal liability, and the risk of being sued by their employees.
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