A New York payroll company that won’t waste your time and treats you like you’re their only client

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Why are New Yorkers switching to Baron Payroll in droves? Working with a local payroll company like Baron offers huge advantages.  At Baron, you can expect easy communication and valuable expertise on New York’s state and local regulations. We’ll save you time, eliminate surprises and keep you and your business protected.

When it comes to deciding on a payroll company, you may be asking what’s better for you and your company: a well-known national company or a smaller local business? Of course, you may be more familiar with the names of larger companies, like ADP or Paychex. But a company that has been scaled that much loses its personal touch. 

At Baron, we know how to connect with other New Yorkers. We have the same communication style, and we know what you need to know to run a business here.


Rely on Someone You Know and Trust

If you’re working with a company as big as ADP, you could be lucky even to hear from another human without waiting hours and hours on hold. Unfortunately, these days, that’s the level of service you get most times from giant companies. 

A robot-directed phone tree can be frustrating for anyone and even harder for us with our strong New York accent. With Baron, you won’t get angry and waste your time. We know you, you’ll know us, and that consistency of working with the same person helps you take care of business quickly. Instead of starting all over with each and every call, you’re working with the same person at Baron. As a result, our process is faster, more secure, and much easier for you. 

It’s comforting to talk with another New Yorker. We operate like you. We multitask, we’re quick, and we get right to the point so that you can accomplish what needs to get done for the day. If you’re frustrated communicating with a larger payroll service, working with a local company and a person you know well can be a godsend.


No One Knows the New York Complexities Like a New Yorker

A massive national payroll company could be very well-versed with the federal laws. But what if a state law or a local law is stronger? You must follow the strongest law, and that’s why Baron can protect you.

Baron knows the state and local rules that New Yorkers must abide by. And we understand that these regulations are constantly changing. Just last year alone in New York, there were over 20 new state and local regulations. Part of our role is to keep up with these changes for you, so you’re never caught off guard. It’s our job to notify you. We consider ourselves your HR and payroll partner and will help you navigate this complex maze.

Why Baron Payroll?



Baron puts all your mission-critical HR, timekeeping, and payroll records in one app to make your company more productive and efficient. It’s a dream solution for the person in your office wearing the “extra hat” for everything HR. Besides that, you have us to configure your system and teach you, step-by-step, how to use it. We are always here for you. That’s pure gold.



Payroll shouldn’t take hours. Switch to Baron, and during the implementation phase, the first thing we’ll do is study your payroll process. You don’t know what you don’t know, and it’s incredible how much we can help you. Imagine your new method – simple, automated, and compliant. With Baron, even if you have a weekly payroll, you can take a two-week vacation. It’s magic.



We created a new method for you that’s simple, automated, and legally compliant. We’re ready to start running your first payroll. Now what? Your Implementation Leader will do payroll together with you, one-on-one. Baron will do this the first time, the second time, the third time, whatever until you tell us you got this. We’ll also make a video just for you, showing you step-by-step what to click on, so you’ll always have it. The app even has a custom checklist we make just for you to easily follow the payroll steps and check them off as you go.



We hope things like this don’t happen to you, but they happen. You catch your bookkeeper stealing and fire her on the spot. Unfortunately, she also happens to do your payroll, which needs to be submitted tomorrow. So you had to terminate her – now what? You call Baron, and we’ll step into her shoes and do your payroll, so everyone gets paid correctly and on time. Who does that? Baron.

What Our Customers Say

Baron’s New York clients say it best: They trust us to provide them with the services they need to comply in NY. Check out what other New York business owners have to say in the video.


Our Software

Baron Payroll Demo Screenshot

Baron’s technology is best-in-class and is hosted, secured, and updated by the Ultimate Kronos Group, a $3 billion global provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions. It’s their cloud, their security, their application. Baron is just the local boots on the ground that services your account. You have a very similar arrangement with your local insurance broker when you purchase group health insurance from a giant insurance carrier.

Include Your Employees with a mobile app and self-service tools that reduce your workload.

Use Different Levels of Security to control who sees what. For example, maybe you want employees to see themselves, managers see people on their teams, and only you see everyone and everything.

All Reports & Page Views Are Customizable so if you don’t want to see a column, remove it. Changing the order of columns is easy, as is changing the name and adding more columns. Then save it, and when you log in again, it will look the new way.

Single System for Everything Payroll & HR. One system, one database, one login, one password. This single system has more horsepower than you need, but it’s there when you want it. Use tomorrow’s technology today!

Legally Compliant New York Employee Onboarding, or paperless onboarding, dramatically reduces your compliance risk. Your new employee enters their name, address, social security number, etc., one time. Then, Baron’s system will populate all your legally required new hire forms, and your new employee electronically signs each document. No more missing paperwork, incomplete paperwork, or handwriting you can’t read.

Want Labor Distribution to keep track of your labor costs by location, department, jobs, etc.? It’s easy to do using our technology. Let us show you how.

Always Maintain Complete Control. Ever get interrupted when running payroll and forget where you left off? Use your built-in payroll checklist, check off your steps as you go, and maintain complete control of your payroll at every step of the process.

Email Pay Statements to Employees with every payroll or when they need them to apply for a loan.  Paperless is the way to go.