What Do You Do When Your Biometric Time Clock Stops Working?

What Do You Do When Your Biometric Time Clock Stops Working?

Your biometric time clock is critical to your business operations. It helps you keep track of your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs accurately, preventing time theft and making your payroll a breeze. 

But what if your biometric time clock stops working? 

Before panic sets in, here it is…

Contact Tech Support. 

Explain the problem to them and follow their instructions to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem. 

Because chances are, you're not going to be able to fix it on your own. 

Tech support will guide you on how to repair or replace your clock, depending on the problem. 

Why is it so Important to Get Your Time Clock Fixed ASAP? 

1. Unhappy Employees

When your biometric time clock is down, you're not going to know who clocks in/out. 

The lack of data means you have no accurate record of employee attendance, which can lead to more significant problems, like unhappy employees and potential legal issues. 

So, it's essential to get your biometric time clock working as soon as possible.

2. Time Theft

Not having a working biometric time clock can open the door to time theft. 

Some employees might take advantage of the situation to clock-in early or log-out late, leading to inaccurate reports. 

The longer your clock is down, the more time an employee can take away from your business. When you can't determine when they clock in, overtime becomes a problem. 

Fraudulent employees can take advantage of this chaos, earning more than they deserve. By fixing your biometric time clock and preventing time theft, you're ensuring that your business operations run smoothly.

How Do You Prevent Your Biometric Time Clock from Breaking?

The thing about technology is… it doesn’t last forever. 

So, when getting a biometric time clock, you should consider the level of service you're getting. 

Some providers may not provide the best support.

Your biometric time clock serves as a critical piece of your business operations, and you should ensure that you choose a reliable provider to handle your equipment. 

So when choosing a provider, you should ensure they prioritize excellent customer support and a quick response time. 

Better still, choose a provider that offers on-site service to tackle issues and ensure your biometric time clock is operational, minimizing downtime.

With Baron Payroll, You’ll Get Boots on the Ground Service

You do not need to worry about long downtimes when you have a reliable provider that offers boots on the ground service. 

A clock that is not operational is a big deal, and for this reason, you need prompt support. 

Choose a provider that has in-house technicians who can provide the support you need. 

With Baron Payroll, you’ll get boots on the ground service, ensuring you get back to operational in no time. 

We understand that any minute your clock isn’t working, you’re losing money, and that's why we prioritize getting your clock up and running again.

All in all, you can’t take your biometric time clock for granted. 

Although it's a small piece of equipment, it is essential for your business operations.

So, it's crucial to act fast when it stops working.
And the best first step is to choose a provider that offers boots on the ground service to minimize downtime and get you up and running quickly. 

Don't wait until things go south; make sure you have the right provider that will have your back when things happen.

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