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Are Time and Attendance Systems Really Worth the Money?

You might be asking yourself, “Are time and attendance systems really worth the money?”. The answer is… yes! And by the end of this article, you'll know why.

Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance: One-time Cost vs Recurring Fee

If you're looking for an electronic time and attendance system, you might be wondering whether you should opt for a system with a one-time cost or one with a recurring fee. And you’re not alone!

Time & Attendance

What Do You Do When Your Biometric Time Clock Stops Working?

Your biometric time clock is critical to your business operations. But what if your clock stops working?

Time & Attendance

Are Biometric Time Clocks Worth the Money?

Are biometric time clocks worth the money? By the end of this article, you'll know the pros and cons so you can decide what's best for your business.

Time & Attendance

Remote Employee Time Tracking: Do You Need to Buy a Time Clock?

If you've been thinking about remote employee time tracking and whether or not you need to buy a time clock, you’re not alone. By the end of this article, you’ll know the answer!

Time & Attendance

What's the Average Cost for Cloud Based Time and Attendance?

Cloud based time and attendance systems can save you time and money. By the end of this article, you'll know why and how much it will cost!

Time & Attendance

How Much Do Biometric Time Clocks Cost?

How much do biometric time clocks cost? Read this short article to find out!

Time & Attendance

Combo Face Reader and Finger Reader: How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

Find out how how the Combo Face Reader and Finger Reader can benefit your small business!

Time & Attendance

Buddy Punching: How Biometric Time Clocks Can Help

Find out how biometric time clocks can help small businesses combat employee time theft like buddy punching!

Time & Attendance

Fingerprint Time Clock: How Can It Benefit Your New York Business?

Find out what the fingerprint time clock is and how it can benefit your New York business.

Time & Attendance

The Biometric Time Clock: Everything You Need to Know (with examples)

Find out what the biometric time clock is, the different types, how much they cost, and why they're better than other methods like manual punch cards.

Time & Attendance

Facial Recognition Time Clock: What are the Benefits and Features?

A biometric time clock like the facial recognition time clock provides a touchless way to clock in/out. But its benefits extend beyond germless surfaces.

Time & Attendance, Human Resources

Did You Know Your Employees Can Report Violations Using a Free App Provided By the Department of Labor ("DOL")?

Even if you're operating your business in all the right ways, New York business owners are still at risk. The DOL has vast resources to investigate you.

Payroll, Time & Attendance

Do I Have to Pay My Employees Overtime? Here’s What New York State Law Says

Keep these New York laws in mind when classifying an employee as exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay. Getting this wrong can be costly for your business.

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