Why Employee Printback Checks are Good for Your Business

Photo of a paycheck in an envelope showing how payroll printback checks help employers accommodate employee needs and save money.

The ability to print checks on-demand with Printback checks can help your business avoid missing payroll while also saving time and money.

What are Printback checks?

Printback checks are a service that all payroll service companies should offer. With Printback checks, your payroll service company will provide you with a password-protected Pdf file. Simply use this file to print payroll checks with paper stock provided by your payroll service company on your own printers.

Why are Printback checks good for me?

Even if you don’t anticipate the need to print physical payroll checks for your employees, it’s still a clever idea to be prepared for unforeseen possibilities. You never know when these needs might arise. Running a test paycheck and keeping the necessary supplies on hand is worth considering.

How do Printback Checks work at Baron Payroll?

With Baron Payroll, you won’t need MICR (magnetic ink). We mention this below as general information.

What we do, is provide your company with blank check stock and a PDF file for each payroll period. You then use the PDF to print checks with your own printer.

This way your company can print checks as needed, and not incur the delivery fees associated with having us print and ship checks for you. With the rising cost of fuel and delivery charges, this saving can add up. More importantly, printing checks yourself (with our support as needed) will also eliminate the possibility of delivery delays.

How can I be sure my Printback checks are safe from fraud?

Thanks to a banking feature called Positive Pay, every time your payroll service (providing they use Positive Pay) processes your payroll, all check numbers, payees, and dollar amounts are saved to an electronic file. This electronic file is then uploaded to your bank, which will then only process checks that exactly match the information from your payroll.

What are some other reasons for giving workers a physical check?

Great question. Even though we live in a digital age where direct deposit payroll is king, there are still times when workers prefer and need a physical paycheck. Here are the top 6 reasons for printing employee payroll checks and how these reasons can benefit your business.

  1. Workers who don’t have bank accounts are unable to receive direct deposits. The only way to hire and retain these workers is to offer a printed paycheck.
  2. In life, there are occasions when an employer’s payroll company is unable to deliver printed paychecks on time. This could be due to holidays, shipping issues, or other unforeseen events. Having the ability to print your own paychecks is often the only way to meet payroll on time.
  3. Industries such as construction, hospitality, and others often need to hire undocumented workers from New York and elsewhere. Being able to hand these workers a physical check helps these workers get paid, while also helping your business complete projects.
  4. Direct deposit payroll frequently results in extra fees. In these instances, being able to print paychecks can save your company money. Even though it might not be a considerable amount of money, it’s still worth pursuing and can add up to a tidy sum over the long term.
  5. There are employees who simply dislike or don’t trust electronic banking and prefer a physical check. Even though it can be hard to understand why someone might feel this way, it’s still good business to respect and accommodate their choices.
  6. Printing your own paychecks offers flexibility. On occasions where an employee is owed additional money, resigns, or is let go, the ability to immediately print manual paychecks can make these situations less stressful.

What do I need to print my company payroll checks?

Printing payroll checks is quite easy. Here’s what you need.

Printing Checks Manually

  1. A Pdf file from your payroll service provider or another source.
  2. Blank or preprinted check stock. Your payroll service provider, bank, online vendor, or office supply store should have what you require.
  3. MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) ink, may be required for printing bank information on blank check stock. The reason for this is that bank check readers might not be able to read checks printed with other types of ink.
  4. Compatible printer able to use MICR ink (if applicable).
  5. Properly sized envelopes.

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