2020 ERCs Are Still Available!

 2020 ERC money is still available

If you're like most small business owners, you probably have no idea that you can get tens of thousands of dollars in extra government stimulus money from 2020. ERC's are refunds for payroll taxes paid in 2020 are in addition to your PPP loan. Let Baron do this for you.


Even though 2021 is almost over, and 2020 is long gone, many business owners are shocked when I tell them they can still get their hands on tens of thousands of dollars in free stimulus money from 2020.

Most have no clue about employee retention credits or ERCs.

I’m Larry Kagan, the founder, and CEO of Baron Payroll. It can be hard to navigate what’s best for your business these days as things change so quickly. However, you don’t want to miss out on relief options simply from not knowing about them.

One critical thing you should be aware of is the 2020 employee retention credit, and how they may still be available to you.

Sure, there’s also an ERC program available for 2021, but if you haven’t done so already, you can still claim an ERC for 2020, and get refund checks from the IRS for payroll taxes paid in 2020. This refundable tax credit helps reward businesses that retained employees during COVID-19.

For 2020 it boils down to this—you may be eligible for an additional $5,000 per employee. If you’re like most business owners and have not heard about or claimed ERC credits yet for 2020, let Baron handle this for you.

We’ll do it on a contingency basis with a small down payment, and in return, you’ll get the comfort of knowing that we’ll handle it all for you.

Want to see if you can get more free stimulus money from 2020? We help many New York small businesses claim tens of thousands of dollars that they had no idea that they were eligible for.

Let Baron do the same thing for you!

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I want to get more free stimulus money for my business.

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