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Employee Retention Credit

ERC Program Extended through 2022

Great news, if you have not received erc program benefits, they’re still available through 2022!

Employee Retention Credit

The Refundable Payroll Tax Program

Don’t miss out on this little known refundable payroll tax program that could net your business thousands of dollars at no cost to you.

Employee Retention Credit

Do Majority Owners Ever Qualify for an ERC Refund?

An ERC refund can be just the cash infusion your business needs to truly thrive. See if you qualify.

Employee Retention Credit

ERC Alternative Quarter Rule

Find out how your business can pocket tens of thousands of dollars or more in 2021 employee retention tax credits under the ERC alternative quarter rule.

Employee Retention Credit

When Will I Get My ERC Check?

Even though ERCs are a payroll tax credit, most business owners want to know when they will get refund checks from the US Treasury.

Employee Retention Credit

Who Should Handle My ERC?

Learn how outsourcing your Employee Retention Tax Credit needs to Baron Payroll will lead to an easier, faster, streamlined, and less stressful ERC process.

Employee Retention Credit

6 Top Myths About Getting an ERC (Part 2)

Unveiling ERC truths continues! Baron Payroll presents Part 2 of debunking 6 myths about Employee Retention Credit. Maximize savings for your business!

Employee Retention Credit

6 Top Myths About Getting an ERC (Part 1)

Discover the truth about Employee Retention Credit (ERC)! Watch Part 1 of our video series to debunk the top 6 myths. Baron Payroll has you covered.

Employee Retention Credit

Get More Free Gov't Stimulus Money

Employee Retention Credit or ERC. What is it and how to claim it? You may be eligible for more free stimulus money from 2020 and 2021, and not know it.

Employee Retention Credit

2020 ERCs Are Still Available!

Most business owners have no idea that they can still get tens of thousands of dollars in extra stimulus money from 2020. Let Baron do this for you.

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