Larry’s Timekeeping Story

Lionheart Larry Kagan tells a personal story about a client who needed timekeeping in New York.

In my conversations with NY business owners, I've uncovered many bad practices and violations related to tracking employee time. The effects of improperly tracking employee time can range from inconvenient to devastating for both you and your business. So stick around and make sure you are not making these same mistakes.

Hi, I'm Larry Kagan with Baron Payroll. Let's face it. When it comes to employee timekeeping, business owners don't know what they don't know!

What shocks me the most is that NY business owners often don't realize that maintaining daily timekeeping records is required by law in NYS. They are surprised to learn that keeping employee timekeeping records is vital to every NY business. The personal risk to the business owner, and the financial risk to the company, for not having daily timekeeping records can be catastrophic.

So, what should a NY business owner do to avoid this risk?

No matter what size business you have, it's essential to use a time and attendance system. Even for small companies with as few as five employees, using an electronic time system is affordable.

Let me tell you a story about a dentist we recently brought onboard. He had no timekeeping system at all. His office was like the wild west. His employees would come in late, leave early and take longer lunch breaks than they were allowed. There was no accountability at all, and his employees were "stealing" time from his dental practice.

We found a quick and easy solution for this. All of the Dentist's employees had a smartphone. So we had them download our free mobile app, and they used their phones to clock in and out. Then, to prevent them from clocking in or out from home or anywhere outside the office, we set up geo-fencing so they could only punch in or out, when they were physically at the office.

With the new electronic timekeeping system, his employees were clocking in or out - four times every day – first, in the morning when they arrived to work; second, when they clocked out for their meal break; third, when they clocked back in after their meal break; and finally at the end of their work day.

It worked so well that the Dentist called me and said Baron was saving him about $15,000 per year. Considering our timekeeping solution costs the Dentist about $500 per year, that's a tremendous return on his investment.

He also experienced better attendance. His employees were arriving on time and returning from their meal breaks when they were supposed to.

And most importantly, he now has daily time records for his employees as required by NYS law. That's a biggie!

If this situation sounds familiar or you're not currently tracking your employees' time, we advise you to start tracking employee work time immediately. We'd be happy to help you. Call Bill Elkins at 631-266-2500 or email Bill at to learn more.

To learn more, visit our website at and check out our learning center. Thanks for watching!

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