Top 4 Time Clocks NY Business Owners Buy

Top 4 Time Clocks for Businesses in NY

Not sure which time clock is best for your business? See our top 4 best-selling time clocks up close.


It can be confusing and stressful to figure out how to keep time records for your business. You want something easy and accurate to help prevent your employees from cheating.

Hi, I’m Bill Elkins with Baron Payroll. Keeping daily time records is the law in New York. Using an electronic time clock is the best option for New York companies.

Our lineup of clocks easily connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, which makes installation a breeze.

I’m here at our time clock manufacturer today to show you our top four time clocks that best fit New York, business owners.

Let’s take a quick look.

For the value-conscious business, this clock (Pin-Entry Clock) is an excellent option to track time. With this clock, your employees can punch in a four-digit code, use a proximity card, or a key FOB to punch in.

There are no biometric features with this clock. So, this clock is an excellent choice for those businesses that fully trust their employees and are not concerned with buddy-punching.

This (Finger Reader Clock) is our entry-level biometric time clock. This technology has been around for a long time and works very well. However, because employees need to physically touch this clock, companies will sometimes spend a little bit more money and get a biometric face reader.

Our third clock (Face Reader Clock) is the touchless face reader. This clock is by far our most popular model. Employees just stand in front of the clock and punch in and out without ever touching the time clock.

The clock recognizes the employee and clocks them in within seconds. The clock has two cameras that take a three-dimensional image of the employee’s face.

You can’t fool this clock by using a photograph or a cellphone to show a two-dimensional image because the clock will not recognize it. This way employees cannot trick the clock and have them punch in their buddy.

Our fourth clock is the Combo Face and Finger Reader Clock. It’s two clocks in one—a finger-reader, and a face-reader. For added flexibility, it’s great to have the option of a finger-reader or a face-reader.

It’s great to have multiple biometric options. This way employees can punch in whichever way they prefer.

Whatever clock you choose, it’s fast and easy to get set up. It runs smoothly and simply for the employee and the employer while allowing the company to comply with the New York Labor Laws.

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