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Thinking About Hiring A Payroll Company For The First Time?

Considering hiring a payroll provider for the very first time? If so, that's great! Watch to learn more.

Time & Attendance

Clocking In: A Time Clock Demo

Time and attendance, clocking in, always a hassle, right? Not with Baron, we make it easy. Let us show you how in this time clock demo.

Time & Attendance

Do I Really Need a Time Clock?

Staying compliant with New York State timekeeping laws and maintaining accurate employee records are easy with our time clock APP and cloud-based software.

Time & Attendance

Installing Your New Time Clock

This easy step-by-step face clock installation video will help your small to medium-sized business save time, money, and aggravation.

Time & Attendance

Top 4 Time Clocks NY Business Owners Buy

A face clock provides a touchless way to clock in and out. But its benefits extend far beyond germless surfaces. See how the face clock works.