Your Employees Can View Their Pay Statements Online

Your employees can access their pay statements online.  They can use their desktop computer, tablet, or phone. Everything looks the same no matter which device they use. Benefits: Giving your employees access to their pay statements is a win-win for both the employer and the employees.

If your employees are paid with direct deposit, there’s no need to hand out or deliver pay statements. This is a big time-saver.

If the employee’s pay is different, the employee can quickly and easily view their pay statements to see why.  This eliminates questions back to you, saving you even more time.

If your employee is applying for a mortgage or car loan and needs to verify their income, they can quickly and easily access and print their own pay statements.

They can pick which pay statements they need, click to open them, then PRINT or download them as PDFs.

(Something about historical stubs) Because this DIY feature is so easy to use, you’ll find that your employees want to use it. And the fewer tasks you have to do for your employees, the better.  ‌

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Give your employees the option to check and print paystubs on their own!

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