Your Health Insurance Broker Can Administer Your Health Plan

Baron shows you how to get your health insurance broker to administer your employee health plan

Would you like to delegate the chore of administering your group health insurance plan to a pro? Most New York business owners have enough on their plates and would gladly shift this burden to their insurance broker, especially if it doesn't cost them a single penny.


How can this be? Stick around, and I'll tell you how you can have your health insurance broker administer your health plan for free!

Hi, I'm Bill Elkins with Baron Payroll.

Paperwork: No one loves it, and sometimes you just forget to do it when you get busy.

Let's say you hire a new employee, and you plan to offer them benefits after 60 days. But it's your peak season, and it fell through the cracks. Or let's say you terminated an employee but didn't immediately remember to cut off their benefits.

These days, your broker can manage all of this for you electronically and make sure that nothing gets neglected. You're busy, and it shouldn't all fall on you anyway.

The Employee Navigator, benefits, and human resources software programs many brokers use can connect with our payroll system to automatically integrate your payroll information with your benefits and HR systems.

That way, if you add a new employee to your payroll, our system will automatically tell the Employee Navigator, and your broker, that they need benefits within 60 days. And if someone leaves the company, our system updates the Employee Navigator and your broker, so benefits will get terminated timely as they exit.

It works in reverse, too: Whatever tier your employee selects as their health insurance coverage, your broker enters this info into the Employee Navigator, which updates our payroll system, so that it can take the correct deductions from your employee's paychecks.

It saves everyone time, and it removes human error from the equation.

1: You Can Go Paperless for Annual Renewals

In the past, employees would gather in a conference room to hear about their benefits options during open enrollment periods. Then, they would get a piece of paper that explained their choices, and they'd fill that out and return it to their managers or you.

Now, this can all happen online. Employees can log into a payroll benefits portal, select their plans, and call it a day without any physical paper exchanging hands. They can designate beneficiaries for life insurance. They can choose medical, dental, and vision insurance options.

Because Ready, the payroll system Baron uses, is now integrated with Employee Navigator, all this can be managed with ease online.

This solution is a no-brainer. First, you won't need to update benefits information in your payroll system. Second, you won't need to update payroll information in your benefits system.

2: Ask Your Broker, if they use Employee Navigator

You likely have a broker who helps you select and administer your benefits, and you probably already use a payroll company to manage your payroll as well. So now the question is, does your broker use Employee Navigator? If so, you’re ready to roll.

The Employee Navigator integration with our payroll platform helps ensure payroll and benefits administration connect smoothly and run correctly, eliminating the need for endless paperwork and costly errors.

It is a powerful tool worthy of your toolbox to get your health insurance broker more involved and let a pro administer your health insurance benefits. Most brokers are willing to do more for you as part of the commissions they already earn every month from your business.

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Let Baron show you how to get your health insurance broker to administer your employee health plan for free!

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