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Are You Liable For Your Employee's Tax Withholding Issues?

If your employee has an issue with their tax withholding, are you liable as the business owner?

Human Resources

NYS’s New Sexual Harassment Hotline

Learn all about NYS’s latest development, a sexual harassment hotline, and how it will affect your business.

Human Resources

NYS’s New Secure Choice Plan

Yes, more regulatory rollouts. This time it’s NYS’s New Secure Choice Plan. Let us help you ensure you’re compliant.

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Pay Frequency Requirements for Employees

Many are surprised to learn that New York has various pay frequency labor law requirements depending on the industry.

Human Resources

NY’s New Retirement Plan Laws

Does it seem like a new rule is passed daily you have to learn? Let Baron help keep you up to date on NY's new retirement plan laws.

Human Resources

New York City Allowances IT-2104

Yes you guessed it, they changed something else. The New York City Allowances IT-2104. Tune in to learn what’s new.

Human Resources

Your Health Insurance Broker Can Administer Your Health Plan

Learn how you can get your health insurance broker to administer your employee health plan for free!

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No Social Security Number?

Most payroll providers won't allow you to add employees with a SSN starting with '9' on the books. It's too difficult for them. But Baron can help.

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Pay-As-You-Go Worker's Comp Explained

Direct bill vs. Pay-As-You-Go worker's comp insurance - which is best for your business? Learn what most NY business owners choose and why.

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Baron Software Multiple Language Accessibility

Improve your compliance and save time by giving your employees access to their critical payroll and HR records. Available in Spanish and six other languages.

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How Scammers Steal Your Direct Deposits

Don't fall prey to a direct deposit diversion scam. Learn about the mistakes other New York businesses made and implement these best practices now. (Video)

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Drastically Different W4 for 2021

In 2021, the employee Form W-4 from the IRS drastically changed. See the new W-4 compared to the older version and see exactly what changed.

Human Resources

What are New York Overtime Rules?

Are your employees correctly classified as exempt or non-exempt from overtime. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as deciding to make them hourly or salaried.

Human Resources

What are New York State's Recordkeeping Laws?

How long do we need to keep HR and payroll records in New York? The NY record retention rules are different than the federal rules.

Human Resources

Easy 3-Step Employee Training Process

Watch our short video and learn our proven, 3-step training process. Use this method to easily train your employees, clients, or family.

Human Resources

Beware of the Free App from the US Department of Labor!

Find out how easy it is for your employees to report you to the Department of Labor. This triggers a full-blown investigation that you want to avoid.

Human Resources

Top 3 HR Safeguards for NY Business Owners

There are 3 things small and medium-sized New York business owners can do right now to drastically improve their HR and minimize their financial risk.

Human Resources

Group Health Insurance is Complicated

Get introduced to top-notch health insurance brokers for your business. Learn what other NY business owners do to get great health plans for less money.

Human Resources

HR Experts Service Video

HR in New York is complicated and every year it becomes more challenging for small business owners. See how Baron can help you get started with HR.

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