Why Should Payroll Companies Provide Payroll in Spanish?

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By offering multilingual employee self-service portals in Spanish and other languages, payroll companies can help businesses recruit Spanish-speaking workers.

Even if an employee speaks English well, there might be occasions when they feel more comfortable receiving payroll information in their native tongue. This is one reason working with payroll companies that offer employee self-service (ESS) portals in languages such as Spanish helps accommodate employee needs.

Is a designated multilingual Spanish-speaking HR person sufficient?

Even if your business has a multilingual Spanish-speaking HR employee on staff, you’ll still need an ESS portal with multi-language capabilities to provide time and attendance, pay statements, HR, and other standard payroll information in Spanish as well.

Is there an ESS portal option for my Spanish-speaking employees?

Yes. Select payroll companies such as ours offer the same ESS portal functionality for workers who speak nine different languages including Spanish. Our portal even has time and attendance icons and downloadable PDF pay statements in Spanish. Ensuring that every employee has equal access to their company payroll portal contributes to a happier and more inclusive workplace.

Another benefit of an ESS portal is that it helps employees answer questions on their own, thereby freeing up key employees for other tasks. This video describes Baron Payroll’s software language accessibility in greater detail.

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Do I need a Spanish payroll provider to get payroll in Spanish?

Not necessarily. To get payroll in Spanish and other languages such as Danish, Dutch, French, and German, you simply need a payroll provider that uses software with language options.

Is it important to provide multilingual payroll options?

Yes. The foundation of great employer-employee communication is built upon fully understanding what is being communicated. That’s where the expression “lost-in-translation,” really applies. By the way, the Spanish translation of the word payroll is nómina de sueldos.

There are also intangible benefits of providing payroll portals in Spanish and other languages. It shows that your business cares about employee needs and it will proactively ensure that these needs are accommodated.

Can offering payroll in Spanish help my business recruit Spanish-speaking employees.

Yes. If your first language were Spanish, wouldn’t you prefer working for an employer who provided an employee self-service (ESS) payroll portal in Spanish?

What languages does Baron Payroll’s ESS portal offer?

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English (Australia)
  • English (UK)
  • French (Canada)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

How can I enable different languages in the Baron Payroll admin interface?

To enable different languages for select employees, simply go to the Locale settings tab, select an employee, and choose one of the nine available language options. The default setting is English.

Photo of an English language ESS payroll portal for timesheet, announcements, benefits, chart, statistics, and other payroll information.Photo of an English language ESS payroll portal for timesheet, announcements,
benefits, chart, statistics, and other payroll information

What menu items does the employee language option apply to?

The system translates all system-based menus. However, it will not translate any custom wordings such as descriptions that an employer might write in their benefit enrollment options. Those would have to be changed manually.

Photo of a Spanish ESS payroll portal with the timesheet, announcements, benefits, chart, statistics, and other payroll information.Photo of an ESS payroll portal with Spanish translations for timesheet, announcements,
benefits, chart, statistics, and other payroll information.

Where can I get my custom wording needs translated?

You can get reasonably accurate translations for your custom wording needs with Google Translate. Simply select the language you wish to translate and the language you want to be translated. Then copy-paste the translation as required. It’s a clever idea to ask your language-specific employees if the Google Translate results need improvement.

Can Spanish-Speaking employees download pay statements in Spanish?

Yes, this is one of the most popular benefits of having a Spanish-ready ESS payroll portal. Here’s a sample pay statement in Spanish we downloaded from our ESS payroll portal.

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Spanish Pay Statement

What percentage of people in New York speak Spanish?

The answer to this question shows why every company located in New York and across the USA should offer multiple language options through their ESS payroll portal.

There are approximately 2.4 million Spanish-speaking people in the New York area. Mathematically this means that 19.4% of the population speaks Spanish. In New York City, the Spanish-speaking population is 27.5%.

Of the total number of people living in New York State, 29% of the population, or 5.2 million people are bilingual.

How many people in New York City are not English-proficient?

When it comes to providing multilingual payroll services, this is an important question. In New York City, approximately one-half of all New Yorkers speak a language other than English at home, and almost 25% or about 1.8 million people are not English-proficient. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these people would have difficulty understanding payroll information in English—but wouldn’t it be nice to offer them a choice?

This is one reason that the phrases NYC payroll portal in Spanish and Spanish payroll providers are searched so often.

Can you translate this article into Spanish for me to share with my Spanish-speaking employees? I’d like to get their feedback.

Sure! Here’s a link to the Google translation in Spanish.

We hope this article on the importance of providing an ESS payroll in Spanish and other languages has been helpful. Thanks for visiting!

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