Who Should Handle My ERC?

Who Should Handle My ERC

Learn how outsourcing your Employee Retention Tax Credit needs to Baron Payroll will lead to an easier, faster, streamlined, and less stressful ERC process.


ERCs or Employee Retention Credits are confusing enough as is. You want to apply and need to decide who should handle them. What is your best option to get paid?

Hi, I’m Bri Zeller from Baron Payroll. Outsourcing your ERCs and going with a turnkey solution will benefit you with added expertise and a proven process. Anything outside of your wheelhouse takes time away from your daily business activities.

Imagine how great it would feel to delegate the ERC process and be done with it.

Take payroll for example. By outsourcing this task your company can free itself from burdensome bookkeeping, compliance, and tax-filing chores. This same dynamic holds true for ERCs.

Although the government designed ERCs to be straightforward and simple, when it comes to maximizing your reward and filing amended returns, an ERC specialist makes the whole process easier.

Why are payroll companies ideally suited to handling ERCs?

The reason payroll companies excel at handling ERCs is because they file 941, and 941-X forms on a regular basis. This is how payroll companies put your ERC refund money in the fast lane.

Additionally, well-organized, detailed, accurate employee records that are organized by quarters from 2019 through 2021 are the grease that makes the ERC wheel spin.

Simply put, you’ll need accurate quarterly comparisons to get the most from your ERCs. That’s why hiring a payroll company to handle your ERCs is a win-win!

Plus, a payroll company will be skilled at helping you maximize the amount of ERC money you qualify for based on segregating and applying your PPP loans to specific payroll periods.

Are all payroll companies created equally? The answer to this question as I’m sure you already know is no. The ideal payroll company is one that is responsive to your needs. Think small boutique company where your calls are answered not by a customer service robot, but by a human being.

Other factors that are indicative of an excellent payroll company partnership are ERC knowledge, past and current ERC success, and a passion for helping client companies keep the most money with the least fuss and risk.

Should I have my current payroll company handle my ERCs?

That’s a great question that you probably already know the answer to. If your current payroll company hasn’t cared enough about business to proactively discuss ERCs with you by now, then you need to find a new payroll company.

Remember, payroll companies that help you harvest ERC money also participate in the rewards. So, ask yourself if you can really expect a payroll company that won’t help themselves earn more money, to help you?

This is why boutique payroll companies outshine their larger less nimble competitors.

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