When Will I Get My ERC Check?

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Learn the ins and outs regarding when you can expect your ERC payroll tax credit refund checks to arrive in the mail from the US Treasury.

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Even though ERCs are a payroll tax credit, most business owners already know that they will get refund checks from the US treasury. You can spend this money on anything you want.

So, how long does it take to get the refundable tax checks?

Hi, I’m Bri Zeller from Baron Payroll. In 2020 when we filed an amended (941-X) return for our clients it took about 3-6 months to receive refund checks from the IRS.

However, because the ERC program has become so popular and the IRS is short-staffed, the current wait time (for checks) is 9-12 months. We suggest you work with an ERC expert who can check the status of your amended returns with the IRS and track the processing status of your refund.

Nowadays, you can wait hours on hold to speak with an IRS agent and then get disconnected when they try to transfer you. Therefore, your ERC expert must have the ability to log into the IRS system called TDS for reporting agents to quickly check the status of all your amended payroll tax returns.

 Additionally, each payroll tax return you file stands on its own and requires an independent review, processing, and tracking. And even worse, even though you mailed three tax returns in an envelope at the same time, chances are that the three returns will be assigned to different IRS agents for review and processing.

Therefore, your refund checks will come at different times. Your ERC expert needs to be on top of the refund process to ensure your company gets all the money you’re entitled to.

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