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Your Next Step with Baron Payroll: Integrating Time and Attendance Software

Switching payroll companies is a big step, and we're thrilled you've chosen to work with Baron Payroll. We know this process can bring up a lot of questions and concerns. Right now, your main goal is getting the new payroll system running smoothly for your bus...

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Automated Time and Attendance System: Can it Really Make Running Your Business Easier?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by time tracking? If so, you're not alone. Automated time and attendance systems can transform your operations, making your life—and your employees' lives—easier. Let's explore how these systems can boost efficiency, save costs, ...

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Why Traditional Time Tracking Methods Are Costing Your Business

Are you still using pen and paper to track your employees' hours? While it might seem easy, traditional time-tracking methods can create more problems than they solve. Let's uncover the hidden costs and risks of manual time tracking and explain why switching t...