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Employee Retention Credit

How to Check my IRS ERC Refund Status

Find out when you will finally get your ERC refund check, and how to check your IRS ERC refund status while you wait.

Employee Retention Credit

Do Owner’s Wages Qualify for Employee Retention Credits?

Thanks to new IRS guidance, your small business owner wages may now qualify for receiving employee retention tax credit money.

Employee Retention Credit

Step-by-Step How to Guide to Filing Your 941-X ERTC

This step-by-step how to guide is designed to help you understand and file your Employee Retention Tax Credit 941-X payroll tax refund.

Employee Retention Credit

Welcome to Baron Payroll’s ERC Resource Center

Updated information on how to get your employee retention tax credit, calculate qualified wages for ERCs, get stimulus checks, 941-X instructions, and ERC FAQs

Employee Retention Credit

Helpful IRS Employee Retention Credit Information Links

Here are some helpful ERC-related IRS website links recommended by Baron Payroll that can make your ERC journey easier, while also helping you save money.

Employee Retention Credit

How I Got All the Stimulus Money My Business Was Entitled To

An interview with a business owner whose payroll company helped him get all the ERC and PPP loan stimulus money his small business was entitled to.

Employee Retention Credit

Do you Qualify for Employee Retention Credits in 2021?

The key to learning if you qualify for Employee Retention Tax Credits in 2021 is comparing your quarterly gross receipts from 2019 to 2021.

Employee Retention Credit

Let Baron Be Your Personal ERC Accounts Receivable Department

Outsourcing your Employee Retention Tax Credit business needs to Baron Payroll will lead to an easier, faster, streamlined, and less stressful ERC process.

Employee Retention Credit

Top 20 Employee Retention Credit FAQs

Find out more about getting and increasing your employee retention tax credits, PPP loans, and filing amended 941X forms from Baron Payroll’s top 20 ERC FAQs.

Employee Retention Credit

6 Top Myths About Getting an ERC

Debunking these 6 top ERC myths will help you qualify for, and easily collect the Employee Retention Tax Credit money your small business deserves.

Employee Retention Credit

You May Be Eligible for More Free Stimulus Money and Not Know It

Employee Retention Credit or ERC. What is it and how to claim it? You may be eligible for more free stimulus money and not know it.

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